Pacific Beach, California

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Pacific Beach and Crystal Pier

Pacific Beach and Crystal Pier in the distance

"Pacific Beach Boardwalk"
an orginal Beach MIDI
Copyright 1996 by Bob Frazier

Pacific Beach is a community of San Diego extending approximately 3 miles along the Pacific Ocean. At the north end of the beach is Tourmaline Surfing Park, a favorite area used by surfers and sail-boarders year round. The immediate beach area directly to the south extends for about one mile and is bordered by cliffs above a sandy beach. Crystal Pier, a publicly accessible free fishing pier, is a well known landmark just to the south where the cliffs gently lower to beach level. The beach continues south for about two miles becoming Mission Beach and ending at the inlet to Mission Bay. At the south end of the beach area is Belmont Park complete with an old time roller coaster, fun rides, shops and restaurants.

Beach Area South to Crystal Pier

North to Tourmaline Surf Park

Once a sleepy little beach town, Pacific Beach pulses today with the heartbeat of the young and active.  "PB", as it is known locally is home to many college students, single professionals and families.  A paved walkway parallels the beach from just south of Tourmaline Surfing Park to the navigable inlet almost 3 miles to the south. Walking, jogging, bicycling and skating are permitted on the walkway, but speed is regulated for safety reasons. There is no shortage of places to eat, drink, shop and party along Garnet Avenue and Mission Blvd., where dining becomes an adventure of choice with a wide range of ethnic restaurants, nightclubs, sports bars, pubs and coffee houses.  Pacific Beach is the most popular beach destination in the city of San Diego and draws large crowds in the summer, especially holiday weekends.

Pacific Beach Average Temperature
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Body Surfing Just South of
Crystal Pier

Month High Low Month High Low
January  65  48 July  76  65
February  66  50 August  78  67
March  66  51 September  77  65
April  68  55 October  75  60
May  69  58 November  70  54
June  71  61 December  66  49

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